My solo Music

Songs Written & Performed by Kip Corley

This collection of five songs is from a live performance recorded during the “Songs Alive Showcase” at Sam Ash Music in Orange County CA. I was playing my 12-string acoustic guitar (affectionately named “Sylver”).  What is significant and touching to me is that both my son Jacob and my daughter Priscilla were there in the audience supporting me! Good times!

I hope you enjoy the songs.



I Wonder - A song of  “Yearning” for a love that was reluctantly left behind

The Last Thing - A “Love” song about the greatest love when you give up what you love most for their own good

Melting Into You - Another “Love” song in a cozy cabin by the fireplace

Vulnerable - When there's that one special, good friend of the opposite sex who really gets you, that might turn into “Love” benefits

With Love - Yet another “Love” song, upbeat and full of joy

KnightLighter music

Songs Written by Kip Corley

These songs that I'd written are off the “Theirs and Ours” KNIGHTLIGHTER demo CD, recorded and produced in Anaheim, CA.

I hope you enjoy them!



12 Bar Blues - A “Variety” song with a triple entendre about drinking too much

I Just Need a Little Time - A song of “Love” about someone who loves their significant other but simply needs some time alone

The Beast Awakes - A dark “Variety” song that is a mix of the three mythologies of the Wolfman, the Hulk and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Out Baby -  An "Observational song of warning about being too trustful

Rockabilly Love - A “Love” song that invites a potential lover using music as the lure