About Me

The earliest musical influence I can remember was an Elvis Presley movie I saw on TV. I'm pretty sure that it was his “Love Me Tender” movie. I remember I'd cried and told my Grandma that I wanted that man to be my daddy. I think she had a very hard time explaining to a 4 year old how it didn't work that way.

The first record I'd owned was an Elvis Presley album, and so were my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on… at that time I was very young and every album was an Elvis album!

When I was about 9 years old I'd started writing my own songs. The first one was to the tune of an Elvis song (surprise, surprise!). Then I started writing my own melodies to go with the lyrics I was writing. Sometime in the 1970's when I was about 15, my best friend introduced me to the music of Neil Diamond, a musician who mostly wrote and sang his own songs. I became a Neil Diamond fan right away. At this point I became inspired to learn how to play guitar and sing at the same time so I could play my own songs as well as covering Elvis and Neil songs.

I soon started a 3-man band in Long Beach CA and we played both original songs and covers.  We performed at night clubs, lodges, weddings and house parties but as life went on, eventually marriage, children, and work took precedence for the three of us and the band faded away.

Over the years and decades, I kept moving my family to better and better neighborhoods until we ended up behind the "Orange Curtain". Anaheim, CA to be precise and that is where I currently reside. 

In years since moving to Anaheim, I'd been performing as a solo artist in and around Orange County. I had also started up a band named KNIGHTLIGHTER, and it had gone through various line-up changes over the years.  The last iteration was a 3-piece band with guitar, bass, and drums. Unfortunately, and as a result of COVID, the band is now a casualty on an indefinite hiatus. Fortunately, prior to that, we recorded a demo CD.  The songs I wrote for our demo CD are available here on the KNIGHTLIGHTER section of the “Songs” page, including "12 Bar Blues", “The Beast Awakes”, “I Just Need a Little Time”, “Out Baby” and “Rockabilly Love”.

The style of music I perform is what I call "Classic Pop". It's a mix of Classic Rock, Oldies, 70's (my favorite), Country, a little Blues, some current radio hits and a few Originals now and then depending on the venue.

I am still a prolific songwriter writing everything from the silly to the sublime and intend to start a YouTube channel very soon. 

Thant's all for now, more to come.

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Thank you.