About Me

My first musical influence was an Elvis Presley movie on I saw on TV. I Think it was Love Me Tender. I told my "Grandma" that I wanted that man to be my daddy. She had a hard time explaining to a 4 year old how it didn't work that way.
My first Album and every consecutive album was Elvis. I started writing songs at about 9 years old. The first one was to the tune of an Elvis song (surprise, surprise!). Then I started writing my own lyrics and melodies. My best friend turned me on to Neil Diamond who wrote and played his own songs. I then became a Neil fan also and taught myself to play guitar so I could accompany myself on my songs.

I started band, we played original songs and covers. Time went on, life went on, marriage, children, work, moving to better and better neighborhoods until we ended up behind the "Orange Curtain". I'm currently performing as a solo and with my band KNIGHTLYGHTER in and around Orange County. We play what I call "Classic Pop". It's a mix of Classic Rock, Oldies, 70's (my favorite), Country and a few Originals now and then.

Enough for now, more to come.